Featuring The Fountain Tarot by Jason Gruhl, Jonathan Saiz, and Andi Todaro

60 Pages

In This Issue:

Beyond Soothsaying: Expanding Community Definitions of Tarot Work, part two
by Katrina Wynne

How to Act During a Tarot Session
by Raven Mardirosian

An Interview With Linda Marson
by Bonnie Cehovet

by Cynthia Tedesco

Reading the Tarot Intuitively, A Recipe for Success
by Donna M. Evleth

The First Tarot Book in the United States
by Sherryl E. Smith

Journey with The Queen of Wands
by Ailynn

Psycards – A New Alternative to Tarot: A Brief Introduction
by Catt Foy

While the Wheel is Spinning, Spinning, Spinning
by Monica Bodirsky

Tarot, Tricksters, and Accidental Grace
by Barbara Moore

Thoughts on Judgment
by Pamela Steele

Number Nine Universal Year – The Hermit
by Bonnie Cehovet


The Lakota Sweat Lodge Cards
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Sacred World Oracle
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Deviant Moon Tarot Book
Review by Dan Pelletier

The Parallel Worlds Tarot
Review by Jadzia DeForest

The Sherlock Holmes Tarot
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

Featured Deck Art:

Tarot Apokalypsis
Erik C. Dunne and Kim Huggens

Roaring 20s Kipper Cards
Lynn Boyle

Carole-Anne Eschenazi

The Chalice Tarot
Lynda Steevens

Joy and Sorrow Oracle
Roxi Sim

Steele Wizard Tarot
Pamela Steele

The Cartomancer – Volume 2 Issue 1 – Spring 2016