The Cartomancer – Vol. 2 Issue 4


November 2016 – NOW AVAILABLE!

This issue featuring the Stretch Tarot by Joseph Stretch


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The Cartomancer – Volume 2 Issue 4 – November 2016

This issue featuring the Stretch Tarot by Joseph Stretch

60 Pages


In This Issue:

Justice 8, Strength 11 or Strength 8, Justice 11: What’s the real score? part three

by Eric K. Lerner

Psycards: The Now Card
by Catt Foy

The Hanged Man, Traitor or Acrobat?
by Cherry Gilchrist

Etteilla: The Godfather of Modern Tarot Readers
by Sherryl E. Smith

The Moon Is Full: Reflections on the Evolution of Cartomancy
by Monica Bodirsky

How A Vintage Erotica Tarot Deck Came To Be Made (Because Men Never Throw Away Porn)
by Claire-Marie le Normand

The Seance
by Cynthia Tedesco

The Rider-Waite-Smith and  The  Tarot de Marseille – Compare, Contrast, Combine!
by Ste McCabe

Marseille Tarot: An Intuitionist Experiment
by Marcelo Ribeiro dos Santos, Carlos Eduardo Albuquerque Miranda, and Danuzio Gil Bernardino da Silva

Tarot Herstory: My Journey with Feminist Tarot
by Christiana Gaudet



Tarot of Gold by Saleire
Review by Sherryl E. Smith

Lucky Lenormand
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

Tarot Apokalypsis
Review by Bonnie Cehovet

The Lost Code of Tarot
Review by Bonnie Cehovet


Featured Deck Art:

Lucky Lenormand
Monica Bodirsky

Minoan Tarot
Laura Perry

Anino Lenormand
Lynyrd-Jym Narciso

The 90-Question Deck
Andrew McGregor

Lenormand Francais
Lynn Boyle

Samadhi Oracle
Jess Benjamin-Purmeswar and Sahil Purmeswar

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