Editorial Calendar:

  • Vol 4 Iss 1 Spring 2018
    • Deadline for ads: January 15
    • Deadline for review copy received: December 15
    • Deadline for articles: January 5
  • Vol 4 Iss 2 Summer 2018
    • Deadline for ads: April 15
    • Deadline for review copy received: March 15
    • Deadline for articles: April 5
  • Vol 4 Iss 3 Autumn 2018
    • Deadline for ads: July 15
    • Deadline for review copy received: June 15
    • Deadline for articles: July 5
  • Vol 3 Iss 4 Winter 2018
    • Deadline for ads: October 15
    • Deadline for review copy received: September 15
    • Deadline for articles: October 5

We are seeking well-written and unique article submissions on Tarot, Lenormand, and oracle topics. Some topics we are interested in are:

Card layouts
Topics for professionals
Topics for beginners
Educational pieces
Philosophical and thought-provoking
Techniques and tips
Cartomancy in daily life
Cartomancy in pop culture
History of cartomancy
Artistic perspectives
The business side of cartomancy

Articles must be at least 750 words but not more than 2500. One to three images should accompany your submission. The images should have a resolution of 300dpi and be larger than 3.5 inches wide.

Author bios can be up to 50 words, including contact information. Each bio should have a headshot that is 300dpi and larger than 1.25 inches wide.

Articles, author bio, and headshot can be submitted as an MSWord document or PDF. All images can be sent as a PDF, TIFF or JPG.

Please make sure that the article you submit is unique and has not been published in any format within the past twelve months. And, you give The Cartomancer exclusive publication rights of your article for the next twelve months.

The Cartomancer reserves the right to edit for spelling and grammatical errors without changing the work’s essential content.

Compensation: Article authors chosen for publication will receive that issue of the magazine and a 1/4 page ad ($150 value) for their contribution.

Please send your article, images, bio, and headshot through the form below. We will be in touch soon to let you know if we’d like to publish your article and in which issue of The Cartomancer. Thank you!

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Acceptable file types: doc,docx,pdf,txt,gif,jpg,jpeg,png.
Maximum file size: 1mb.
Please submit your images online at Dropbox.com to editor@thecartomancer.com.