Arwen Lynch-Poe
Arwen Lynch-Poe
Editor-In-Chief, Arwen Lynch-Poe

When Arwen heard that The Cartomancer was looking for a new owner, she put her hand up. When told she was chosen to be the new owner, she celebrated. Magazines have long held a place in her heart, starting with things like The Beltane Papers, Off Our Backs and others of that ilk. She’s been a fan of The Cartomancer since it began.

Her vision is to carry on Jadzia’s beautiful product. While staying true to the theme of Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle, Arwen hopes to expand into other areas of divination slowly and carefully. She also invites dialogue from the community as to what they want in this magazine.

Arwen first began reading Tarot in 1981 going professional in 1985. She’s had an online presence at TarotByArwen.com for many years Known to many as The Professional Joy Seeker, Arwen is the author of the Fairy Tale Lenormand, the Secrets of the Mystic Grove as well as forthcoming decks. She has also written Mapping The Hero’s Journey With Tarot: 33 Days To Finish Your Book as well as many novels.


Pamela Steele

Staff Writer, Pamela Steele

Pamela Steele is a registered massage therapist, professional bartender, event organizer, horse trainer and has taught tarot reading, art and belly dancing. With over 50+ years art experience and over 35 years reading tarot, Pamela has created the Steele Wizard Tarot, the Wizard’s Pets Tarot and the currently in-progress Eternal Seeker’s Tarot. She gets bored easily and can be distracted by everything or nothing. Her founding passions are fantasy art and horses which you will see blended into many tarot images. She has shown and sold art internationally for over 30 years and her work has graced graphic novel covers, D&D publications, the German Sci-Fi Annual, coloring books, children’s books and new age books and magazines. She’s online at www.SteeleWizard.com.

Sherryl Smith

Staff Writer and Reviewer, Sherryl E. Smith

Sherryl Smith writes about tarot history, reviews decks and books of historical interest, and offers readings at www.tarot-heritage.com. Her website is a resource for exploring tarot’s 550-year history, and for learning to read with the Tarot de Marseille and other historic decks.
Her website is http://tarot-heritage.com/



Jadzia DeForest, founder and former editor-in-chief
Jadzia DeForest, founder and former editor-in-chief

Jadzia DeForest founded The Cartomancer in  2015. Her extensive hard work and networking skills brought this magazine to life. She is the co-founder, with Jay DeForest, of the Northwest Tarot Symposium. She can also be found at Tarot By Jadzia. One of her many projects is the Living Magic Tarot Learning Cards. She currently lives and loves in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

The Cartomancer will always be grateful to Jadzia for giving birth to this magazine.